Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What Lifestyle Trend Would You Like to See?

In this fascinating post at final fashion, Danielle asks a series of riveting questions:

What makes something desireable? It’s something that everyone wants but few can have.

What makes something unfashionable? Something that everyone already has.

Ubiquity is killing these trends:

Skinny Jeans = everyone’s got’em, no longer desireable
Reality Television Fame = everyone’s tainted, no longer desireable
Actual Celebrity Fame = oversaturated, no longer desireable
Fashion Design Degree = dime a dozen, no longer desireable
Printed T-Shirt Lines = you do ‘em, I do ‘em, anyone can do ‘em, no longer desireable.

These are things that I think have become rare enough to develop into new trends:

Back to the Land = everyone’s been flooding into the cities for a long time now. We’re ripe for a revival of this idea.
Non-Distressed Denim = it lasts longer and is more authentic, and seeing an honestly worn-out pair of jeans is a rare event.
Craftspeople and Technicians = when everyone is designer and white collar, suddenly people who can actually execute ideas are far rarer and much more impressive.

What else have you not seen around for a while? What can you think of that few people are doing?

Kicking these questions around a little longer seems appropriate.

I'll add one more answer (I left one over there too): How about we ditch the tired old public school, segregated-by-age model for EVERYTHING and start just getting together in organic, multi-age groups? Could that account for the growing popularity of homeschooling?


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