Friday, December 08, 2006

Is It Time to Take a Break From Blogging?

From Pro-blogger, 8 times you might need a break from blogging. And my answers:

  1. bloggers block - Uh, yeah. Clearly that is not a problem.
  2. when everything you do is ‘blogable’ - More likely.
  3. when it intrudes on family - A subtle danger which I addressed at my Titus 2 blog not long ago.
  4. when you have unrealistic expectations - Now many of the readers of Pro-blogger will have a different set of expectations from mine (perhaps concerning income), but I am still susceptible to disappointments. When I remember that I am primarily here for the social, I am less likely to burn myself out in foolishness.
  5. when it intrudes on your health - I prefer not to admit that my neck and shoulders do get tired. Anybody have any ergonomic suggestions?
  6. at the end of the week - It's interesting. I notice that, as a whole, many of the fashion bloggers post more on the weekends, but SAHMs tend to take the weekends off.
  7. at vacation time - I have no choice. Where I go on vacation, there is no internet, not even cell phone service.
  8. when your sleep suffers - A definite intrusion on health and, in my case, a quick route to marital problems.

But on the bright side, blogging could be a great way to lose those last five pounds. It worked for me.

Here's your chance, is it time for me to take a break from blogging? How about you?


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